1. late-comers, Sunday mass, always have their backs up against the wall

  3. "Um, today’s not my birthday."

  4. The cover for my comic “Glory is Forever” (in full, next post)

  5. Just thinking about fishing so I made this.

  7. If an elephant was sitting on a stoop in this humid summer heat and had only, okay more like probably, zero money in his pockets and no plans, nothing to do—-all he wants to do is be the greatest rapper ever—-but what really can he do to achieve that goal at 3pm except daydream about the cover of his first multi-billion dollar album? Obviously, in the middle-there he is giving the gruff face to all his haters, the ones who believed he could never make it, to be honest, his parents mostly and his little brother.  On the right he’s giving homage to Tupac (west coast) and the left to B.I.G (respect).  He already knows he would name the album RAP after the genre of which he performs music in. This goes on until he gets kicked off somebody else’s stoop.